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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New York State presents unintended consequences

Was there any doubt? Not if you stop to remember that New York State is not Manhattan, but has much in common with the rural areas such as we find in my ex-home county, Johnston (NC).

There are consequences to this on-going protection of the sanctity of straight marriage that apparently even Tiger cannot maintain, and the longterm effect on American life is incalculable.

I could jest and ask who will wait on your tables, arrange your flowers, and style your hair, but those examples are presented here only to remind you of the stereotypes carried by those who continue to fret over the apparent debasement of American society.

There is way more to it than that.

Do you ever read a PDF? Use Flash? Do you prefer PC or Macs, not that it matters in this question? Use a cellphone? This list can go on for a very long time.

I won't sit here and tell you these are all the result of GLBT talent, but I will tell you that the companies that fly the highest tend to have the HR policies most favorable to GLBT people. Think domestic partner benefits for a start, but you can also include nondiscrimination and no harrassment policies.

And it's more than just talent. Many of us deliberately choose where to buy gas, clothes, groceries, insurance, and so much more else using those human resource policies as a decision-making factor. I purchase gasoline at a Shell or BP, and never at Mobil or Exxon. FoodLion supports NC Pride. Guess who sells me groceries?

So what's this about?

Here's you're question: In another generation after so many mobile, and we are mobile, GLBT people, especially the young ones, have moved to countries with favorable policies, how will you feel to see your major companies packing up and moving too? What will you do without all that pink money flowing into the till?

Your country, with it's defended marriage and it's 50% divorce rate, will find itself an also-ran. Imagine what that will feel like to your grandchildren, many of whom will also leave the country for the very same reason.

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jk said...

FYI: The 50% US divorce rate statistics is a fallacy. The study looked at the numbers which said half as many people got divorced in a year as got married. It did not take into account that there were millions of marriages existing at the time that made it through the year without divorce.

This is not to say that marriages aren't entered into flippantly or for the wrong reasons and divorce rates aren't high. Also, there are many people who will remain in marriages which are unsuccessful but not dissolved due to family and other social pressures as well as financial burdens.

It all still comes down to an issue of State enforced religious ideology. That is the literal definition of "sanctity". There is no rational argument against GLBT marriage. The fact that this is not only tolerated, but approved in such a widespread fashion in the US is mind boggling.

Side note: Didn't know that about Food Lion. I'll feel better when I shop there next. Is there an online list you would recommend of GLBT friendly businesses?

Jim Penny said...

Assuming you can accept stuff from the HRC after this last season: http://www.hrc.org/buyersguide2010/