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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Morning tweet from the RDU airport.

Morning tweet from the RDU airport.

Sun. a.m.: Heavy delays and xcls to points north & east of #RDU. Allow extra time to check in. Call your airline before heading to airport. (via @RDUAirport)

As you might expect from the recent storm that is still pounding sections of the northeast United States, RDU is a refugee camp.

Hungry people sleeping on the floors. Bathrooms turned to swamps. No food available. Screaming children. Frayed nerves. Ill conditioned tempers.

I am so glad I made it home 90 minutes before that mess commenced.

News 14 has this report in it's loop today. Most of the interviews with the refugees are about what you'd expect. Grumpy people wondering why the airlines can't work miracles.

However, one fellow caught my attention. He had a pocket full of money, but he was unable to purchase food with it. The restaurant would not accept pounds sterling, and there is no way to exchange that money at RDU, at least where he is.

I have never been anywhere that I could not use American money. Canada. China. EU. American money works quite well, though the street exchange rate might hurt your feelings.

However, try to use a Canadian looney or twonie in Buffalo. That's not gonna happen.

The ironic thing is that those pound sterlings are probably safer money than the US dollar. However, Americans just don't tend to think outside the American borders. Hell, even the TV weather maps usually stop at the borders.

Those pound notes might as well be Monopoly money, and I find that, frankly, embarrasing, particularly in the face if the current state of affairs at RDU.

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