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Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday's undies lost

We're up early today because we have an 8:30 am appointment with Crystal so she can fuss at me for not visiting the office all year.

To celebrate the occassion, we have laundry. It's hard to beat laundry at 5:30 am. It's like I have a private laundry.

Except for the lost undies. So many orphaned undies. So little time. Why must you continue to toss aside perfectly good undies to make room for the newer ones you received at Christmas?

First, a petite pair of threadbard boxers. You'd need to be a refugee to fit in these. Or in elementary school.

And of course, the socksyou spurn.


That second one was sitting atop the trash can, which seems a perfectly cruel way to treat your spurned socks.

The last is weird. Not only have you cast away the socks that kept your piggies warm and toasty, but you ripped out the collar of the front loader in the process

I'm thinking a little Xanax might be in order.

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