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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Missionaries to Africa promoting hate as their last resort


There was a time when I felt that the people who dedicated their lives to improving circumstances in places like Africa were worthy of admiration. I was quite naive then, not that I'm all that wise now, but the stories of withholding food and medicine until those impoverished faces proclaimed Jesus as Lord finally got to me.

Well, it's become a whole lot worse in the time I wasn't looking.

In addition to feeding the hungry, soothing the fevered brows, digging wells, and demonstrating crop and herd management directly after hearing those soothing confessions and conversions at the alter, the politically adept missionaries have been working on new laws to make hate and genocide legal in these countries.

Rick Warren and his buds have been working hard to purify the demonstrations of love one another. Of course, Publican Rick did make a public statement denouncing the executions of gay people that could arrive soon in Uganda. I would like to believe that he meant what he said, but he has a long history of hate-filled dogma.

I suspect he has already started a cottage industry specializing on wrapping nooses for export to Africa.

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