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Friday, December 18, 2009

Mark the Spot with AT&T's numbnuts

OK, I'm sitting on a plane at BNA, Nashville's airport. I have 5 bars of 3G signal. I also have no data access. No Twitter. No Facebook. No net by Safari. Nada.

So being the good boy I am, I launch Mark the Spot, AT&T's iPhone app to report service problems.

I tap data failure. Send. Watch the spinner spin. Leave the phone on the seat while window boy takes his seat. Finally after spinning through 4% of my available battery life, I receive a message to try again later.

That answers my question. The app is just a mechanism by which AT&T can appear to be doing something productive while actually doing little or nothing to make the freakin' piss poor data network better.

If this were a serious attempt to collect data regarding network failures, the app would queue the pertinent information and send it later when a decent connection could be made, like when I get on WiFi somewhere.

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