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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Man losing home because he is fat...sorta

WATCH: 'I'm Losing My Home Basically For Being Fat' HuffPost - http://bit.ly/84coAb

This man is in a grim situation. He is at risk to be homeless on 18 December. Let's hope, if not pray, that something right happens for him sooner than later.

An important thing for us here is how a seriously bad event is so often not the result of a single event. Rather, our nightmares are often the result of a series of smaller events. (The fellow in the story even has a diagram of how it all happened.)

We build plans that mitigate the risks from the large events, but how often do we look around for small things that look less likely and that taken individually do not seem all that punishing?

In my corner of the world, that's about never, and when I do, I generally expect to be greeted with dismissal because those little booboos just don't look like much. The thing is that all those little booboos can quickly align to form something from which we date.

We should pay more attention to the little things, planning to stop them before they become real. (And that bank should have some recourse for the fellow that would keep him in his home.)

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