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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Making sugar cookies with Food Lion stuff, Part 2

Welcome back! Now, stir in the fake vanilla flavoring.

Find some self-rising flour like this.

Add and stir. Add and stir. Sorta like making biscuits.

Stir a lot.

At some point you have to work the dough with your hands. I hope you washed your hands before starting.

Put the dough in an ungreased biscuit pan, and then pat it out and around. I like to leave my hand prints in the dough

Put the pan and dough in the oven at 375F. Cook until done, which for me will take longer than the 10 minutes most recipes suggest.

While it bakes, add paper towels to my grandmothers wooden biscuit pan, the one my papa carved. I used four sheets in a double layer. You should too.

When the odor of baking cookies takes on the slight taint of burned edges, take the pan out if the oven.

Notice that the handprints are gone. This is a sadness.

Find some tea.

While the pan cools, make some tea in my mother's cup regifted to me from her bus trip with Buck to Black Mountain.

As the tea steeps, slice the cookies. Notice that they slice much better that last week's ranger cookies.

Now move the sliced cookies to my grandmother's bread pan. Think about how much the chickens would enjoy getting in this pan now.

I lay them out in the order in which they came from the pan. The light smell that told you were done is the slight burn on the bottom.

Yum! Just like mama used to burn!

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