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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Making sugar cookies with Food Lion stuff, Part 1

You can find sugar cookie recipes on the web. You and Google can knock yourself out. I'll be following m'mama's recipe.

Find a couple of sticks of butter, lightly salted.

And put them in a container for the microwave.

While the microwave mostly melts the butter, measure out sugar in a Bacardi cup from Tracie.

Make sure it's the right brand.

And put the sugar in the pot.

Yes, we're using the iron pot for mixing.

When the butter's sorta melted

Pour it into the sugar.

And stir it all up

Find the eggs.

Most recipes call for one egg. I use two so there'll be more liquid, which will need more flour, which will make the cookies less sweet.

I put the eggs in a glass first incase one is fertile or rotten.

Put the eggs in the pot

Stir it all up.

The Boy Scout manual warns against eating stuff with raw eggs. Ignore the manual and sample the batter. Doing so will remind you that there might be a deity that loves you.

Find the fake vanilla

And splash a little into the batter

Ya gotta go on to part 2.

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