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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Making ranger cookies, part one

Today, we're making the best cookie that ever was, is, and ever will be. Take notes. And if you think those maudlin Gloria Estefans are good, prepare for enlightenment.

The recipe, preserved by Marlene in Greensboro, calls for all sorts of exotic stuff.

A half-cup of butter, white sugar, and brown sugar. Along with a half-teaspoon of vanilla and 1 egg. Mix all this mess together.

Add in a cup of regular flour with a half-teaspoon of soda and a quarter-teaspoon of baking powder. I won't be doing that. It'll be self-rising flour here.

Add in a cup of some kind of wheat flake cereal. I'll be using bran flakes.

Stir it all together. Probably use your washed hands. Put small dollops of the dough on an ungreased pan. Bake 10 minutes at 375. Yes, that's F. You might want to pre-heat the oven. I won't.

To make all that happen, we need to fetch materials from Food Lion. That means you need the reusable bags.

The hold more, break less often, and don't choke sea turtles who think the regular plastic bags floating in the sea look like jellyfish.

Josh could teach those turtles a thing or two about jellyfish.

And your charriot awaits.

Yeah. It needs an oil change, a new windshield, and maybe a new right rear axle, but it still goes.

So we made it.

The Food Lion on Western Boulevard. There're several reasons to shop here. That it's a North Carolina company is but one reason, and by itself would not be sufficient. Food Lion is a strong supporter of the GLBTQ community. The company is a sponsor of NC Pride and Crape Myrtle. The company also has a very forward thinking employee policy.

Here is what the HRC's mobile app says about Food Lion: "HRC awards this business a perfect 100 on our Corporate Equality Index for its strong LGBT practices & policies. Support this business."

There are many flavors of Food Lions in this world. The store on Western is fairly low brow. It caters to students (!) and people who generally eat a little lower on the hog. Yes, I can find souse meat here. I feel right at home, though I usually avoid the tripe and chicken feet.

I have hunted and gathered.

The only name brand products in the cart are the chips that are on a twofer sale, fat free hotdogs on a twofer sale, and a bag of saurkraut.

Time to check out.

Salisbury should name something after me. That cart represents a $30 MVP savings. You might think that all the price reduction would damage their bottom line, but it only serves to make it better. The margin on Food Lion brands is far higher than the name brands.

We both win. Let's go home and cook.

We're using my grandmother's bread pan today. It's about the only thing I have here that will work for the mixing, except for maybe the iron pot, and I want to boil up a mess of eggs in that pot as the cookies are baking.

Not to worry. Papa's chickens ate all the cooties from that bowl some 50 years ago.

Caution: We're making a double recipe. You might want to hire a fifth grader for the multiplication

We have all the stuff gathered on the counter.

Notice that I'm using pecans, which are not mentioned in the recipe. Remember these are ranger cookies. We use what we have and maybe what we want. I should look around for a possum.

I'm measuring very loosely with a cup that came from last year's Christmas Bacardi. Many thanks to Tracie!

The two sugars are in.

And the butter is about melted.

Yeah, I'm going for a bit more than double. That's why I added a third egg.

Besides, the extra cholesterol is important.

I added some vanilla, but you can't tell it visually.

Take my word for it. I also tossed in the pecans.

Prechopped because I don't have a chopper.

What prechopped means is that they broke during the shelling process.

Can you tell I changed my mind and used the iron pot? The boiled eggs will have to wait.

The best part, the butter, goes in, mostly melted in the microwave.

Location:Westgrove St,Raleigh,United States

My blog app can't go any further. Part two is coming up.


Shannon said...

Will we enjoy these at work this week? Or are they for Josh and Lil?

Jim Penny said...

Apparently, they were for me. They're about gone. Go figure. I'm a pig.