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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Making oatmeal cookies with stuff from Food Lion, Part 3

At some point, you cannot take it anymore. Dump the batter onto the cookie pan.

Spread it out as best you can with your sticky hands. A splash of water on top of the batter will make it less apt to stick to your hands.

Put the pan of mashed out batter in the over at 375F. Let it cook until you smell it begin to burn.

While it's cooking, put paper towels on my grandmother's biscuit pan so you won't get last night's popcorn on the cookies.

I used four sheets in a double layer. You should too.

When the cookies begin to burn, take them out and let then cool a couple of minutes.

This is a good time to use your pink oven mits.

Let the pan cool just a little.

Stick a knife in the middle.

Doesn't that feel satisfying? If the knife blade comes out dry, the cookies are done.

If the blade comes out wet with batter, put the pan back into the oven and let the cookie burn a little more.

Slice the cookie into bite-sized morsels and move them to the biscuit pan. The arrangement of bite-sized morsels should replicate the arrangement in the pan.

Eat at will.

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