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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Making oatmeal cookies with stuff from Food Lion, Part 2

Welcome back!

Time to find the raisins.

Put them all in the pot.

There is no extra charge for the orange and red raisins.

Now pour in the mostly melted butter.

And stir it a lot. (One day, you need to clean out the microwave from all the splattered butter.)

Keep stirring.

It looks a little think. Add some skim milk. Skim will help you keep that girlish figure going. Butter milk would also be OK.

Much more stirring.

Your are should be feeling the burn.

Find the self-rising flour.

Add the flour to the pot. Don't go overboard on the amount.

Find the oatmeal. The kind that needs cooking. Instant oatmeal is an abomination to the cookie.

And don't even pretend you're thinking of boiling some for breakfast. It would be better to go hungry.

Add a lot.

Stir a lot.

Add more flour. Add more oatmeal.

At some point, lose the spoon and stir with hands. I added some olive oil toward the end to cut the stickiness. Butter would have been better, but my hands were all covered with batter.

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