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Monday, December 21, 2009

Making chilli from Food Lion stuff

We're making chilli tonight to help beat the cold tomorrow. Every ingredient came from the Food Lion on Western Boulevard, where the good looking peeps shop.

First, we need to wash the pot so we don't get any field pea in the chilli.

I bought this burger on sale yesterday. Those red tags mean I'm authorized to consider the purchase. It's a rare day I buy the regular stuff. Besides, it tastes better with the red tag.

Notice this is 93% burger. I won't attempt to remove the grease because there just won't be all that much. Maybe a very few tablespoons full.

The burger goes in the pot.

And the lid goes on to help the heat build faster.

At some point, the bottom of the burger is browned, and we need to break up the burger into small pieces.

And then we flip it over.

We continue to brown the burger. This is a part of the cooking where you do not want to cheat. First, raw burger boiled just plain looks wrong. Second, the browning process is hotter and will kill more cooties. Remember that commercial burger can be a source if some bad cooties.

Now, we add some mater and chilli.

Open the can and dump it in.

Just like Mama used to open, not that Mama ever made chilli in her life.

Now for some beans.

Just open and dump. You know you can do it.

Remember to rinse both cans so you do not waste. I use about a half canof water, swish, and pour the water into the pot.

Stir it all well. Do no cheat on the stirring. Stir in a clockwise direction.

You'll want to add salt to taste.

A big tablespoon full is about right for me at this point.

Remember you can always add more, but you cannot take out a single grain.

Thanky you, Mama.

Also remember that the liquid will boil off, and the resulting chilli will taste saltier than it does now.

I like a little Texas Pete in my chilli.

Like the salt, you can add more later, but you won't take out a drop.

Let the pot simmer a few hours.

I'll put it in the fridge when I go to bed. Tomorrow morning, I'll let it simmer a few hours more. At some point, it might need more water. Be judicious when adding water. The chilli should be a little thick.

Eat it all in as few sittings as possible.

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