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Friday, December 11, 2009

Lunch with the girls

I'm not sure the G-word is appropriate here, but I'll use it and cast myself on the kindness of strangers when I'm pronounced ignorant.

We had a girl's lunch out today. Yeah, I get to go with them. They're cool that way.

We were going to Neomonde, but a new arrival appeared just as we were leaving, and she wanted to go elsewhere, someplace where she liked the food. I agreed to the change of venue for the extra company. Besides, I can get some Healing Chickpea Salad another day.

So it's off to nab some Chinese food. Notice how I conveniently skirted the O-word there? I'm not sure we can apply that word now even to the Express, much less a peoples and their foods.

So sad to lose a perfectly good word because of some unfortunate social, if not colonial, baggage. Oh well...

We settled in at Orient Garden. I do not know why the picture came out sideways.

I take it the O-word is not so good when it has the -al on the end. That, or perhaps Asians can use the word properly without recrimination just as I can use the F-word to refer to myself and other gay people, not just a burning log or cigarette.

Not that we should use those ugly words, even when we're in safe and trusted company.

And yes, I do know the technical distinction between the uses to describe things and people. The O-word is for things, and Asian is for people.

What happens when I deem a person to also be a thing?

This restaurant is aimed at the lunch diner. There might be two dozen lunch specials on that menu, all for about $7, which is in the class of student food, at least by price.

The onion things come out with whatever you're drinking. I could gnosh a pound of those things.

I really wanted the chip on the left side as you're seeing the bowl, but Damanda took it away from me, added hot sauce, snarfed it with a grin, told me how good it was, and made me cry. She can be so mean.

Then we had soup.

I had the egg drop soup, as did Diana. Damanda and Kelly refused the soup in any description, which made the chef cry over the rejection.

BTW, I'm a dragon in the Chinese horoscope.

I've never had a bad meal here. I've also never had an outstanding meal there either. Of course, at $7, there's only so much one can reasonably expect, and that's something y'all need to pay attention to.

You cannot simultaneously demand rock bottom prices and high quality. There's a trade off between the two. The same thing applies to customer service, and you can see it at the buffets, where the wait staff pretty much attends to your glass of tea. You're on you own for the rest.

Today's lunch was good. It was delivered with a smile. For $7, you're not going to do much better, and I'm fine with that. Compared to the $2.22 for two roller dogs at the gas station, we were eating high on the hog today.

Besides, I had some good company.

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VeggieAmanda said...

This post cracked me up! Don't forget that you can also me Commanda. It is Amandatory.

I rejected the soup because they do not have a vegetarian soup on the lunch menu. Until the chefs provide one, they will have to cry over my rejection of the dead animal soup.