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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lunch on New Year's Eve with Grannie

We met Grannie and Buck at a Bojangle's for lunch here on the last day of the year. They arrived early to get their customary parking spot by the door.

We arrived later to park by the dumster in hopes of seeing the feral cats. That hope was not met.

We walked over to their car. Grannie was scowling, which suggested that she had not recognized us yet. Lol and Josh held back to let me take the lead.

Buck appeared to announce us in the car, and she smiled.

They got out of the car, Grannie accepted the flowers from the children, but she didn't know whether to carry them or leave them on the car.

We put them in the car for her.

She had a card for Josh and his birthday, but she couldn't decide which of us was Josh.

Buck identified Josh for her.

So we go in. I order for Lil and me, and then leave Josh and Buck in the line so I can go find Grannie.

She's sitting at the one chair at the one table (for two) that she can sit at. I drag up another table to make room for the others.

Mama procedes to tell me about the mess those old Pennies are causing. With a little questioning, she identifies the problem makers.

There are all dead.

Josh arrives with lunch.

We eat in a lot of silence, broken on occassion by me. Sometimes Grannie would say something or ask a question, but she would do so with such a light voice that I could only see her lips move.

It angers her to ask her to repeat herself. I just mumble something, and that seems to be sufficient for most conversation with her.

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