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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lily makes biscuits

We're making drop biscuits tonight. Lil is in charge.

We need some butter.

And we need one stick to melt in the microwave.

While the butter melts, we fetch the flour

And the butter milk

We spoon the mostly melted butter in the pot. If you have a mixing bowl, you can use that. I do not have one.

Now pour in some butter milk with the butter.

Stir the two, and watch the butter chunk up. That does not matter.

Add some flour.

Stir it all together. You'll probably need to add some more buttermilk or more flour depending on whether the batter is dry or wet.

We added more buttermilk.

Do not knead the batter or the dough.

Dip large spoonfulls of batter onto the biscuit pan. This is why we call them drop biscuits.

They're much easier than what my mother and grandmother made, which were kneaded. When I try to make kneaded biscuits, I overknead, and the biscuits become very hard.

I have found that kneaded biscuits work better with lard, though Crisco also works.

We bake the biscuits at 425F for about 15 minutes or until they're browning on top.

I put ham and cheese in my biscuits.

Later, I had a grape jelly biscuit for dessert.

Now, go and make you some drop biscuits. You know you need some.

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