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Monday, December 21, 2009

Lawmakers in Mexico City have become the first in Latin America to legalise gay marriage.


Well now, isn't this a surprise?

With all the talk of Latin machismo, Mexico City takes its place at the forefront of civilized and progressive thinking in Latin America, leaving the United States now pretty much at the bottom of the pit between Mexico and Canada.

Of course, it's just Mexico City, not all of Mexico, just as we have DC (and a little more) but not the whole country so maybe we're neither a bottomless nor a hopeless pity, but it certainly does seem that way more often than not.

Meanwhile, check out Uruguay's mention in the story. "Uruguay alone has legalised civil unions nationwide and allowed same-sex couples to adopt children."

Who'd've thunkit? Uruguay? Of all places. And Argentina is not too far behind if they could just get rid of that pesky judge.

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