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Monday, December 21, 2009

I need a mommy kiss

I went to the doc's office this morning to give them some sugar-free blood. Fasting bloodwork, they call it.

The Jamaican gal taking the blood apologized for the amount, and she encouraged me to have a good breakfast with a plenty to drink.

I was about to remind her that bitter old queens needed checking for a bunch of mess, but I thought better of it, what with her Jamaican fingers holding a needle in my vein.

Now I have a decorative bandaide.

Next Monday, I'll discuss the results with Crystal. She'll have to fuss at me for something. She always does. It's her job.

However, she'll be glad of the many upgrades I've made. Then she'll pull out the rubber glove and go spelunking.

She does not get hazardous duty pay for that.

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