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Friday, December 18, 2009

I missed my free Holiday Inn breakfast

It was miss the breakfast or miss my flight. Normally, it's against my religion to board planes before 10 in the morning, but my preferred flights were sold out, probably because it's a Friday, and frankly, what with the weather coming up the coast, that wad probably fortuitous for me.

So it's breakfast in the airport.

Jalepeño bagel with egg, ham, and cheese. Not quite five bucks.

But we need something to drink.

A litre of water should hold me all the way home, assuming the burn from the jalepeño doesn't get worse.

Meanwhile, we top off the battery.

I started with the phone at 4 am today.

Now if I could just find a plug for myself. No one will need to rock me to sleep tonight!

-- text tapped from a virtual keyboard.

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