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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I knew this was coming

I left my blue NOCA bottle on the plane! I was born to suffer.

So what's a poor boy to do except fetch lunch?

All that earlier chat about Italian food, if not sausage, left me in the mood for pizza. Mushroom and spinach, to be precise.

What a healthy eater I can be. Could I get some pig skins with that?

This means I'll be thirsty.

I'll be saving that bottle for a long while. At least until I forget it also.

The pizza came from about the only place by the A10 gate at BWI.


On the backside of the napkin, there's the claim that the restaurant chain started by Ed Sullivan's theatre when the Beatles invaded, and it's been all history ever since.

I suppose that's true no matter what the reality was and is.

Regardless, that slice of pizza was good, most likely, as my grandmother would have said, because hunger makes a good sauce.

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