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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Here in my apparently declining years, I tend to remain in place when the weather's bad. I usually need a few days to become housebound, but this time, it hit within 24 hours.

Maybe it'll be fit to drive tomorrow.

But I gotta get out, and a walk to the Shell station seems reasonable. Besides, some coffee might be good.

It's too cold for a fountain coke, especially if I'm walking.

So feets are ready.

Fingerless gloves are ready.

The BJ boggin from Beijing is ready. I wonder if they ever figured out about those initials.

We're taking out some trash on the way. Somebody found hoof covers on sale at the Super K.

Well, they were also selling pizza in the foyer a few days ago.

I dropped my keys in this dumpster a few years ago.

About two hours later, I was dumpster diving with a flashlight. The keys finally turned up.

So it's time to head on down the road.

At the bottom of the hill, we hang a right.

A little this way

That long straight sidewalk presented a challenge. How can I go straight. I chose to go gaily forth.

Then a little that way.

That right dogleg also presented a developmental opportunity. I responded by skipping.

And tiptoeing by the little cats.

And finally into the Shell for the joy of my desiring.

Those French Vanilla Coffee Mates are about as close to anything French as I'll probably ever get.

So we mix them with the coffee, which was likely brewed this morning.

Stir and add a lid, lest I splash and burn myself.

And noodle on back home, excursion about done for today. It was an early bed time last night, and I see about the same coming down the pike tonight.

As I get close the the building, I pause to look at where I watched a man with a bush hog clearing the kudzu last summer.

I gazed slowly upon the brown and dark and dying of this cold December afternoon. I should really seek to do better, more tropical perhaps, but that seems unlikely.

At least for now.

Location:Westgrove St,Raleigh,United States

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