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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Homeward Looking Flyboy

It's time for the winter break. Flyboy Josh has from the tenth to the tenth off, and I suspect Lil is a little jealous.

The school plans to irradiate the dorm cooties during the break, and that meant everything had to be off the floor. He was leaving early this morning, and he moved everything to his bed last night, leaving him to sleep on the floor

No, I cannot imagine.

Earlier, he gathered provisions for a visit to Raleigh.

Imported cigars. This will be interesting. Let's hope the weather cooperates. Otherwise, we'll fumigate the apartment, and I suspect Lil might take exception to that.

So he gets to Sanford Airport five hours before his flight. He has to bum rides, and that was the best schedule he could get. At least he managed to make his flight this time. The last time, he made some memories. Fortunately, he was in uniform, and one of the gate agents looked after him.

However, Sanford is a teensy airport, and about the only food available inside security is from vending machines.

He found a muffin.

I think he dropped about ten bucks in those machines. That can happen when you have hours to spend with pretty much nothing to do.

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