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Monday, December 21, 2009

Government orders 3-hour tarmac limit


A three-hour limit on tarmac delays? For my part, that's still too long unless I'm in first class, and the opportunity to sit in first class grows less and less each day.

And then there are those little planes.

I also need to point out that the flight crews do not like this anymore than we do. Think about it. Not only are they also stuck on the tarmac, but they have to put up with us, knowing full well that they'll run out of food, water, and drinks very soon. Let it be the right flight, and they might not even have much on that plane got snacking.

Then there's the bathroom situation.

All this mess comes back to an airline industry that is stretched to the limit as it serves two masters. You can't have dirt cheap seats AND meet shareholder expectations without offloading the financial burden onto someone, that someone being those who fly, in particular, me.

We see this nearly everytime we fly. I sit and wait in some manner while the airline runs late, knowing full well I'll eat bring late and only grump because they know I really don't have an alternative.

Except that now I drive when possible. And I keep waiting for Amtrak to get it's act together, especially for those Raleigh to DC trips.

We could really use a little Star Trek transporter technology about now.

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