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Monday, December 28, 2009

GOP opponent claims front-runner Mark Kirk is gay in attack ad


OK, so the republican contenders in this race have run out of substance, and they've started with outing the supposed gay candidates.

There is something about calling someone else "gay" that is bad?

You can call me gay all you want. It's not a problem, though people might wonder why you're restating what everyone already knows. You can also call me straight, and I won't become upset, though I might correct you.

There is nothing wrong with either label, unless you're an R running for office in Chicago, and then straight is the only suitable label. Being called gay is nearly libelous.

And there's the disturbing part. The problem is not not that these candidates are acting like undisciplined schoolboys. It's that with the fundies being thought of as gay is considered a detriment.

They remain decades behind current thinking. Not a one is suitable for public office and leadership.

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