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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Going back to the gym

After the ribaldry of last weekend, I decided to make good on one of the greater oaths to arise that Sunday.

So, I'm headed to the little gym in this apartment building.

Well, yes, I generally am somewhat fuzzy.

This is a restart to the activities that ended last March as the Project From Hell reared it's head to devour what little is left of my soul.

I need new sneaks. These are about three years old and in a sad state of disrepair.

They will, however, have to do until the fruit on the money tree out back ripens and I can step out to pluck off a couple hundred.

BTW, the headband is from my Lil! She gave it to me a few months back.

My bandanas generally get the look from the other residents, and I suspect this one gets the best looks. I have a dozen or so, and I keep them in rotation. That this one was on top today means it was up for next when I fell apart last March.

You should have seen the callouses on the ends of my piggies.

The biggest challenge to entering the workout room is the lock, at least for me.

My key doesn't fit quite right, and when the weather's bad, it can take several chilling minutes to get in.

I finally open the door. This time only needed about 15 seconds. Of course, it was sunny and 55 at that time, and I was in no hurry to finish up and go elsewhere.

If you've been in one, you know that gyms can be as boring and as addictive as church. I tend to turn on the TV, usually to a news channel, and let it roar.

This TV has no external buttons, and I use my car key to manipulate it. One day, that's gonna backfire on me, and I'll meet my maker right there with CNN in the background.

Do you think Anderson Cooper might be on then?

Sometimes, I bring my own tunes. I usually have them just in case some pseudojock is in there with some game droning. I had enough of that mess when my daddy was alive, and I think this is why God made the Rocky Horror sound track.

Here is my torture du jour.

Low impact, leg focused cardio. Also known as walking.

3 mph. 3 degree minimum incline. 30 minute cross country program. 5 minute cooldown.

That's 340 calories in 35 minutes, at least for my fat bohuncus. I won't consider this mess real until it's 500 calories in 30 minutes. That'll be a while from now.

It'll even be longer before we have double-down days, but we gotta start somewhere. Besides, Flyboy Josh will be here soon, and I gotta be a little bit ready.

-- text tapped from a virtual keyboard.

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