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Thursday, December 24, 2009

From rags to riches: My Christmas story

As most of you know, I am inclined to play the lottery now and again. Yesterday was no exception. I bought the ticket at the BP on Highway 50 south of town when I stopped for coffee on my way to the Goodwill on Clayton.

I was going to Clayton the long way to avoid passing by the Walmart on Highway 70. Yes, I had forgotten that a new Walmart had spring up over at 42 and 40. They should have asked me before building that one there.

I awoke this morning, made some tea, and sat down at the computer to check my winnings. Wouldn't you know? I hit the jackpot!

After making the cookies today, I went to the Shell station for some coffee and to pick up my winnings.

A whole dollar, and you know exactly what I did with it after paying for the coffee.

Yep! We'll be doing a rinse and repeat tomorrow morning.

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