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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

French Students Protest Over Right To Wear Sexy Clothes

French Students Protest Over Right To Wear Sexy Clothes HuffPost - http://bit.ly/4YEdRp

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe we dealt with this one back in 1968 or so when miniskirts made it to the public schools of Johnston County, and not just on the students. My chemistry teacher who was the same age as my mother taught in boots with 4-inch spikey heels, nets, and a skirt that just covered the curve of her middle-aged bohuncus.

My own attire consisted of orange pants, yellow socks, and a paisley shirt with cuff links. (We called paisley "teardrop" then.) I was not the loudest dressed one there.

In time, someone decided that the skirts need some limit on shortness, and we were introduced to the regulations one Monday morning. Yes, grown men really did get on their knees to measure from the gal's kneecap to the hem, and not one case of sexual harrassment was filed.

Oddly, the limits on skirt shortness did not apply to hot shorts, which appeared as soon as winter lifted. I believe what I wore then would have made George Michael blush in the Wake Me Up video, and the cheerleaders were not to be outdone by a science club geek.

Use your imagination if you dare.

So this school in France need only call the principal at Siuth Johnston High School in Four Oaks, North Carolina, to learn exactly how to procede.

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The Crow said...

Hey, Jim - this is not in response to your enlightening post (or posts, which I have beeb reading, just not commenting).

This is to wish you all your heart desires for Christmas (if you hold to that tradition) and a better New Year than the one soon passing.

I'm glad you blog and glad I found your site.

Take care, friend.