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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Food Poisoning Blamed In Second Northwest Flight 253 Bomb Scare


Well, it turns out that the second Nigerian really was sick, not attempting to blow up the plane, though I suspect now he wouldn't mind blowing something up

The fellow had food poisoning, and that's why he spent an hour on the bathroom.

Having had food poisoning more than once, I'm surprised he set up housekeeping in the bathroom. I visited there a few times, but I also spent substantial time horizontal trying to die.

Can you imagine how he felt when the flight crew dragged him out of the bathroom?

I also wonder just how the federalies finally determined that he really was sick. Which end do you suppose erupted first? And do you suppose the seat cushion was absorbent?

Why do I have the feeling that this fellow is going to enjoy spending his settlement for this one?

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