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Friday, December 25, 2009

Firecrackers ignited on airliner

Firecrackers ignited on airliner http://bit.ly/6SfY3B (via @cnn)

OK, so it was a Delta flight from Amsterdam, not that any of that changes much.

First, how did someone get on a plane with firecrackers? AMS security is everything that US security is. Sniffers. Profilers. Xray machine. You name it, except you need to name it in Dutch.

You've heard me whine about TSA being all show before.

Second, even after slipping past security with firecrackers, why would you set them off on a plane, especially at the end of the flight. What about being on the glide path motivates such stupidity?

Bear in mind that other passengers felt the need to restrain firecracker boy. That suggests they removed their seatbelts and stood up early.

Do you suppose they'll face the penalty for that? What is that penalty anyway?

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