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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Father of Nigerian would-be plane bomber warned US


Well, it turns out that the father of our incompetent plane bomber went to officials to warn them that the son might be up to something.

Of course, there was nothing sufficiently compelling in the father's report to get the son's name on a no-fly list, and the budding ne'er-do-well was able to board the AMS to Detriot flight without motivating any concern, all the while apparently carrying chemicals for a freakin' bomb.

Of course, we're all to be punished now as the various airport security agencies, our own TSA included, go about tightening their nets.

On the one hand, I can see why the powers-what-be ignored the dad. A lot of people appear to be up to something. It's just very few who really are.

On the other hand, if I even blink out of turn in an airport, much less have someone bring a complaint that I might be up to something, I'll receive endless up close and personal attention, probably to the level that I'll start driving across this nation.

Can we rent a boat at the coast for that forthcoming trip to Brussels?

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