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Monday, December 21, 2009

DIM mugger Peter Gamblin answered a mobile he had just stolen - and gave his name and address to the caller.


We appear to have idiots in England also, though the local word used for this level of genius is "plonker." check the comments on the article.

This fellow stayed on the phone some over 40 minutes talking to the caller, a bud of the guy from whom the plonker stole the phone, and then the police show up to do their thing.

I'm just left wondering how someone intelligent enough to have that accent can be so dumb.

It's one thing when Bubba does something like this, but you can listen to Bubba, and you know he's going to cut loose with the stupidity sooner than later. It's a whole other something when that aristocratic English accent takes off and cuts bad.

Surely, it's the moon or something. Or maybe the flourine in the water.

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