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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DC passes marriage equality

HRC: DC passes marriage equality! Archbishop threatens to cut social services in protest. Tell him: don't use homeless as political pawns http://bit.ly/8F4mEl

So the DC council also did the right thing. DC has recognized same-sex marriage for quite a while now. The District just hasn't added the the numbers of gay unions.

Former Mayor and chemical thrill seeker Marion voted nay. Do you suppose his head was clear enough to know what he voted on?

So how foes the Catholic church respond? By offering to withdraw services to the homeless. That crowd is one piece of work. Apparently, they're afraid they might have to offer domestic partner benefits, which in turn would jeopardize their chances with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

Would someone remind these lost peeps that Peter often bragged of loving Jesus the most?

Meanwhile, the question becomes: Will congress approve after the mayor signs?

I'm thinking they'll let this one slide just to avoid the extra harrang while health care is being gutted

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