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Friday, December 18, 2009

D.C. mayor signs same-sex marriage bill

D.C. mayor signs same-sex marriage bill http://bit.ly/50MZX1 (via @cnn)

The mayor of DC has done the right thing. The bill goes to congress for a 30 day review, and current thinking is that nothing negative will happen, placing DC in the small but growing group of states that permit and recognize same sex marriage.

Congress is likely too occupied with making a shambles of health care reform to spend much time fretting over a few queers in DC seeking equal rights with the rest of the population.

The thing is that I do not hold high hopes for this state by state process, especially when it's possible for the population to vote on the civil rights of a minority.

That's just plain wrong thinking, leading to mob rule and worse. If the civil rights of Blacks had been promoted in this manner, we'd still be mired in the early 1900s.

It took LBJ pushing a bill through congress to achieve the right thing, and we are going to need something similar fir the rights of gay people.

Unfortunately, we have no current leaders with the skill of LBJ.

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