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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Continued lack of real thinking in automotive technology

Gas engines quietly upstage electric cars at L.A. auto show

If it were not for NASCAR, we'd still be knocking around in Model As. (And yes, I do know I violated APA style in the plural of that car's name.)

The thing is, we have not seen real innovation in internal combustion since internal combustion was invented. All we've seen are incremental improvements.

And don't think those precious hybrids are a huge step forward. We have gas and diesel vehicles that'll produce equivalent efficiencies at a much lower price and with equal, if not higher, reliability.

My complaint is that there has been little or no support for any real form of innovative thinking regarding how we locomote. Consider this very simple point: I live 12 miles from my work. I would gladly ride my bike to work most days, probably even in the bad weather.

Imagine my accumulated contribution to the world if I did not burn that gallon of gas each day. Imagine my improved health with all that exercise.

The truth is you'd need to imagine my funeral because the road to work has limited space for a bike, low shoulders, and heavy traffic. There might be a mile of bike lane. There might be three miles of sidewalk. The rest of the way, I'd be at the mercy of generally angry drivers, all in a peculiar hurry to get to work.

Nonetheless, the real problem is that we spend all our money bombing poor people in the Middle East. If we'd give up that bad habit, we could have antimatter containment and warp drive.

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