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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A brief tour of our little corner of the Pleasant Grove Community Cemetery

Here we go being all impromptu without knowing how to use the equipment. If you like perfection, you probably want to move along.

We're up in the cemetery where we have a lot of family buried.

And there you go.


The Crow said...

I just spent the very best 5.4 minutes of any New Year's Eve I've ever had, walking with you through the family cemetery.

Jim, you must stop working for a living and WRITE, man. You are the best damn storyteller I know of living today.


Jim Penny said...

Crow, you just brought a little light to the end of this ever so dreary year. We're going back tomorrow to find a few more stories. My brother and I have a million there. It was in many ways a miserable place, but telling those stories makes it all better and perhaps even worthwhile.

Sorta like that Fannie Flagg novel that's not yet written.