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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Breakfast in the Holiday Inn

Breakfast was the usual hotel breakfast bar.

Hashbrowns of some description, and the description of hashbrowns might be more variable than the assorted missdefinitions of what makes barbeque.

Eggs most likely made from powder, at least as the yellow broth in the pan suggested powder.

Bacon. Yum! It's hard to go wrong with bacon, and this hot bar was no exception. Can you day "about a pound?"

Sausage. There were only two pieces of sausage, and I took just one so the cute fellow behind me could have some too. I wouldn't want to deny a man his morning sausage. Besides, the sausage this time was actually edible.

Here's what I put on the plate.

And of course the fruit and yogurt.

The fruit looked a little aged, and it probably was yesterday's leftover mixed with the fresh from today. Regardless, it was quite good. Even the melon was soft and sweet.

The yogurt was exactly as you'd expect.

So I slammed it all down in under 30 minutes, and then scooted back to shower and dress, making it to the shuttle with one minute to spare.

No, I did not introduce myself to the other peeps. They figured it out at the meeting. I saw no reason to scare them prematurely.

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