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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Bra Book: the Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra


Never let it be said that I focus only on those matters of interest to the gay male.

Today, we have a matter of great import, something you should study closely.

Yes, it's The Bra Book.

You probably just scoot down to Kmart and grab the first thing in a 42A that suits your color requirement. Well, the author of the bra book has news for you.

For instance, 85% of you are wearing the wrong bra. Yes, you, over there in the blue blouse. The tall gal in the platform mules. That's right. You're bra is all wrong. Now, pay attention.

Most of you are embarrasingly weak in your bra vocabulary. Is it any wonder you go in the store, ask for a bra, and walk out with a bag of athletic socks?

Let me quote from the web site to remove all doubt as to why you need this book sooner tha later.

You get...

1. Expert sizing tips for a better bustline—and why traditional sizing guides don’t work for everyone.

2. What to wear under every piece of clothing in your closet.

3. How to choose a bra at every stage of life, from puberty to motherhood to menopause, plus what to look for in a bra post-mastectomy or other breast surgery.

4. Guys’ thoughts on bras, and a buying guide you can give to your guy.

5. How to avoid the worst bra faux pas.

6. Helpful hints for “mountains” and “molehills,” and where you can find bras designed especially for each.

7. Tear-out shopping tips to take with you to the store, and care instructions to make your bras last longer.

Of course, #4 borders on the miraculous. I have yet to meet the straight guy with sufficient confidence to step into VS to purchase a properly fitting bra, but it'd surely make a YouTube moment.

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