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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boeing's 787, as innovative inside as outside


Boeing has gone out if its way to make long flight more tolerable. Just read through the litany of good stuff they've included on this new plane that they call a "Dreamliner."

Now look at the seats they offer as examples.

Let's be real clear. These are not the seats that you or I are likely to sit in, not for long. Oh no, no, no. And we're not going to see our seats on the net anytime soon.

I'm pretty sure those seats do not fit into marketing's plan for selling the Dreamliner.

You and I are going to be further back in the plane, back where deep vein thrombosis is our traveling companion, and even more so with this plane that offers to bring even more distant cities within range of the direct flight.

Make sure your will and, possibly, DNR papers are up-to-date and available before boarding.

-- text tapped from a virtual keyboard.

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