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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Belligerent Ivana Trump Gets ESCORTED Off Plane

Belligerent Ivana Trump Gets ESCORTED Off Plane HuffPost - http://bit.ly/4HiNK8

How often could this have been me? Well, except for The Donald's money. And tossing that fourth hubby.

Why was she not in first class? Up to the front away from the screaming children under the care of hapless and hopeless parents? Where the alcohol flows freely? Where the pretty people are protected from the occassional exposure to the unfortunate fliers in roach class?

Oh well, it's not like I see first class all that often anymore. If ever. It's been well over a year since I last sat up there with my warm salted nuts in a cup, my Cuba Libre at the waiting, and my legs stretched far into the comforting space under the seat before me.

Ivana will need to find her sympathy elsewhere. We all have bad days during which we sometimes lose control, but she did so from the lap of erstwhile luxury, or as close as she'll come on an American carrier.

Can I have her seat next time? I promise I'll behave better than she did.

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