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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Attempted terror attack prompts security crackdown at Canadian airports


So the Nigerian dude was not launching fireworks. He was trying to blow up the plane on the glide path. During approach is a good time to make trouble because the planes are typically underpowered then.

The question remains as to how our Nigerian friend smuggled explosives through Schipol security, which is every bit as good as any American airport security you find, and better than many.

I've been through it.

I suppose that story will become clearer in the next few days, along with the accomplices he might have, though I have a sneaking suspicion he's just another lone freak with little or no formal support outside his own head.

In the meantime, travelors have to eat the burden of heightened security.

However, look back at the article and pay attention to how this poor excuse for an amalgation of human DNA was stopped.

That's right. Fellow passengers stopped him. I have long held that it'll be a very long time before another American flight falls to the fate of the 9/11 flights. Such is just highly unlikely, at least for now.

To this end, lay a 12-gauge pump shotgun loaded with birdshot, if not 000-buck, in every able-bodied lap on the plane. Now tell me, who out there is likely to break bad with a dozen pump shotguns trained on his chest?

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