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Sunday, December 27, 2009

AT&T Stops Selling iPhone in New York City


If this report is correct, it represents the ongoing demonstration by AT&T of how to not manage a problem.

First, we don't permit MMS on iPhones as though this one facility was going to present an unbearable burden to AT&T's data network. And pigs fly.

Apparently, AT&T doesn't use engineers fir te hard problems anymore.

And then we ask iPhone owners to curtail usage in some metropolitan areas. Think New York City and San Francisco. So let's see. Advertise yourself as the carrier with the most popular phone on the nation's fastest, but try not to use it too much.

Then let the iPhone owners know if they use the phone too much, they will experience access restrictions. While you're at it, don't offer to reduce the access fees fir those who will receive the restrictions.

Now, decide to not sell the iPhone in New York City. Are you daft? Are you not aware of how online purchases can work? Do you not know how people can drive to another zip code?

I sit here and wonder just how much more fubar this can become.

If you want to market the sexiest phone on the planet and call your network the fastest in the nation, then set into place what is necessary to make this true.


You couldn't make any more basic mistakes if you were making plans to sabotage your own company.

-- text tapped from a virtual keyboard.

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