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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Almost a stinky boy

Now, that was just too close for comfort, but let's start a little earlier.

After dinner, I went down to the gift shop to buy some overpriced but oh do very conveniently located deoderant. It was closed. Fine. It was almost 7 pm.

I go to the front desk to ask when the gift shop opens tomorrow morning, only to hear that it's closed until January. The ESL gal asks what I need, I tell her, and the other guy chimes in with her to tell me the shuttle driver can take me across the street in about 20 minutes.

Now that I think about it, 20 minutes is a recurring theme with the time for the shuttle driver to arrive. I wonder if that's what management has told them to say because it maybe sounds better than 30 minutes or the truth.

Well, that sort of annoys me, and I go to my room to fetch my boggin and gloves. I'm going for a short walk about.

With a little scouting, I set my sights on the Sunoco station across the road. Yes, they call it a road here, not a street. That road is eight divided lanes wide.

And a cross walk with buttons opposite the way they are in North Carolina. Fortunately, the buttons have labels, which I read after getting the wrong light.

The Sunoco station is warm, and it had deoderant.

This is a two ounce stick that will pass TSA in a carry-on. They also had half-ounce sticks for the same price. Of course, this is not my usual brand, but beggars and traveling psychometricians can't be choosers.

I reverse the walk, only to learn that the buttons and lights on the two sides of the intersection, going the same way, are independent. That'll teach me to optimize and cross the side street early.

And now I'm back in my room, about to watch a little TV, while I think of something else to whine about.

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