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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Abstinence proponents look for aid from new health bill


What I suggest for the proponents of the abstinence-only programs is not more money. No indeed. They have burned through enough money already, especially public money.

They need to study human history.

People have copulated in some manner and from some early age since there have been people in this world, and that's a very long time with far more momentum than any religion-based head-in-the-sand tutorial will ever withstand.

Yes, it is generally true that waiting is better, and when that can happen, those involved are better off. However, hormones happen, and we need to equip our young people with the knowledge to respond in safe and appropriate manners.

Expecting them to keep their pants zipped is so naive as to be ludicrous, and if you're rearing your child with that mantel of naïveté, I do hope luck is on your side because there's stuff out there that can take your child before you ever see it coming.

Frankly, adolescent pregnancy is one of you lesser worries.

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