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Monday, December 28, 2009

ABC gets photos of the bomber's explosive underwear; was more than enough to blow hole in side of plane


Heads up, children.

We have a pic of the Undie Bomber's undies. I think he's gonna need a new pair. Perhaps you'll run down to Walmart for him, at least until he gets a fresh federal pair courtesy Obama.

Why do I have the feeling that a flight requirement of passengers will soon be to fly commando?

Enforcement of that requirement should be interesting.

-- text tapped from a virtual keyboard.


The Crow said...

But...but...how would he be able to service all those virgins after the bomb exploded all his tender bits into kingdom come?

What if only the tender bits exploded and nothing else? What if...

Oh, crap...now I'll have to think about this all day long, and I had other plans for my mind this morning.


Jim Penny said...

Now if I can just find a pic of the second fellow, the one with food poisoning instead of a bomb, unless explosive diarrhea counts.