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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

40 claim sickness from eating oysters at local bar


From the WRAL website.

The scoop: "André Pierce, Director of the Environmental Health and Safety Division of Wake Human Services confirms they are investigating complaints of illness among people who ate at 42nd St. Oyster Bar in Raleigh.

Pierce says calls about being sick started coming in a week ago. About 40 people have claimed to have become sick after eating oysters at the famous seafood restaurant. It appears that 42nd St. Oyster Bar does not serve San Antonio Bay oysters. Earlier this month, the Texas Department of State and Health recalled San Antonio Bay oysters contaminated with norovirus. Pierce says an inventory on November 30th showed there were not any at 508 West Jones Street."

With a pretty pic

And a description of the potential problem: "It should be noted there are certain dangers associated with eating uncooked Gulf Coast oysters. These oysters are contaminated with Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. Vibrio vulnificus thrive in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Coast of Florida, where the bacteria occur naturally. Vibrio vulnificus septicemia is a blood infection that comes as a result of ingesting raw oysters that contain this bacteria. Side effects of the blood sickness can range from symptoms as mild as an upset stomach to fatality, depending on the amount ingested and the body's ability to fight off the bacteria."

Now, have you ever stopped to consider the culinary fortitude of the first fellow to slurp a raw oyster with all the appeal of a wad of snot and call it good? That took some doing.

However, if you're going to eat like this, please plan to remain outside until the next day. The flatulence is not fit to share, especially with children around.

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