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Friday, November 6, 2009

Today's in-room coffee

Today's coffee, and yesterday's too, was made in a drip pot, the smaller variety of what we see in many homes and gardens.

It uses little packets of coffee. Not so long ago, hotels offered this coffee as loose grounds with a separate filter. Now, the packet is the filter.

I won't be using the packet with the green cover, just the brown. The mess in the green cover is nasty.

I never have learned to tolerate decaf.

In Europe, the in-room coffee is usually instant. Europeans have learned how to make instant coffee. Americans have not.

Even the instant espresso in Europe is good.

The pot, like all coffee pots I've met, uses a poorly made lip. This means you can expect to spill when you pour.

I wonder who hates me for spilling coffee on white hotel towels.

I'm sure someone does.

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