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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To the fellow who peed with me

You know who you are, handsome man in the cream cable knit top, the fellow who peed with me and then did not wash his hands.

Yes, I saw your naughty self scoot out.

And we all know that you probably washed everything this morning, and it's likely not had the opportunity to get mussed today.

And we all know that urine is generally sterile. So is mine.

It's the everything else you've touched today. The phone. The doorknob. The checkin kiosk keyboard.

Think it through, man. You've likely been exposed to a lot of cooties today.

This is why we wash up after we pee, though it'd be about as good to washup before, what with motion controlled urinals and all.

Think of peeing as your washup signal.

Now be a good boy, do your duty, and I'll share tge moisturizer with you.

And be glad I didn't post your face pic. I could have, you know.

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VeggieAmanda said...

I never see woman leave the bathroom w/o washing their hands. Boys are gross!

Jim Penny said...

Likely, women are generally more fastidious than men when it comes to hygiene. If we factor in sexuality, I suspect gay men might give you a run for the money.

Besides, women have to wash hands more: They have more cooties.