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Saturday, November 21, 2009

This darkness will spread

From The New York Times:

A Crown Jewel of Education Struggles With Cuts

Students and faculty worry that deep budget cuts are pushing the University of California into decline.


This darkness will spread to places and times we might never identify.

What critical mass of intellect is needed to maintain and extend the collection of the Nobel Laureat level of thinking that we have come to expect and that benefits this world through generations not yet born? What will we do without it, especially when it all moves offshore?

Reduce a library's budget. Book acquisition drops in response. One hundred years later, a scholar misses a point because a pivotal text is missing in the collection.

Let's hope Google Books really does work out.

What of the student who stays on the farm because the tuition is just out of reach? Outliers presents just such an event, and discusses that outcome already. You have a farmer dabbling in mathematics few can understand, but which is just a hobby, a drug for the boredom and depression spawned by a wasted life. Nothing that could have will ever come of the dabbling.

God, do I so know the pain of that one...

-- text tapped from a virtual keyboard. You found misspellings? Imagine that. Get over it.

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