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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A surprise from the WSJ

Now, this is a pleasant surprise. Instead of whining about the degradation brought to society and the coming generation by such mess as Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging, this author makes the case that the younger generation coming at us is better at managing multiple conversations, getting to the essence of something, and summing it up with brevity.

It is also more prone to have global networks that an older generation, without being as wired, tends to discredit as illusory and unimportant.

Those old folks are wrong to do so.

About a month ago, a fellow younger than me decried the lack of real communication in this world.

When was the last time you just sat down and talked to someone, he asked with a certain incredulity. I responded that it was some five minutes ago with a fellow some 600 miles away using text messaging. How else might we slip in a convo in the middle of the afternoon.

Audible sigh, not mine. I suggested his fuddy dud was showing, and we went to get a beer.

Yes, he took a phone call from his husband during that beer. I didn't mind because it gave me the opportunity to thread in a couple of text message conversations.

And yes, I consider those conversations. I cannot reach out and stroke the face of the other person, but I'm also not left in a social vacuum because of work and travel.

Folks, get with the program. What we have are just additional forms of communication. Deal with it.

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