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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So many cowards

But Rhode Island won't even let us bury our dead: http://bit.ly/3OsYnu (via @equalitync)

Aside from the obvious problem here, let me point out that the govenor of Rhode Island is yet another political coward.

We have so many cowards in the government this season. It used to be idiots. Now it's cowards.

I'm not sure which is worse.

Here's the thing: We do not use popular votes to determine the rights of minorities. If we did, we still have black people working the fields and swinging from tree limbs. Native Americans would be extinct by now. Would the Asians be released from the WW II concentration camps?

Need I go on with the ugly that arises from mob rule?

We use law that stands on the Constitution to determine the rights people have, and the constitution makes no distinction among the flavors of people in this country.

The president of these united states cannot bring himself to do it. The congress of these united states cannot bring itself to do it. Apparently, it's gonna be up to a feisty attorney to bring this decision before the Supreme Court of these united states.

-- text tapped from a virtual keyboard. You found misspellings? Imagine that. Get over it.

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