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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scenic flight with chatty neighbors

We're headed from Austin to Denver, hoping to be in Salt Lake City this evening.

SLC is always so much like a home coming to me.

This pic of the flight attendant does not do him justice, not one bit.

And then there's the glare from the cockpit. Let's blame that lack of justice on the glare.

Of course, that could be the loving sheen off my old bald head. Nonetheless, the olive skin on this well proportioned fellow would look good in a great many situations that I will not enumerate here.

Just go with your imagination and think luminously white sheets.

That skin has also been up close and personal with a razor recently, and this all is making me a little homesick for the TG attendants so frequently seen in first class on the US Airways flights.

Oh dear, he squeezed the lime in my Cuba Libre! I do feel the vapors coming on.

Of course, today, we also have Ma Kettle flying with us. Grandma Kettle next to the window. Grandma also had got felt up by a TSA agent today.

I watched.

Grandma is also working on her second Bud, not lite. I could grow to like this little granny.

Ma Kettle wondered if the pilots had laptops today. I said that I hoped so because then I could sit on one.

She blushed.

Then I reminded her that it was the Southwest pilots who were found flying naked a couple of years ago, and there was surely the laptop for me.

She blushed again...and fanned.

Look who got an extra nip of cheese from that handsome attendant! Yep, this went with the refill on the Cuba Libre.

And guess who wire a single white surgical glove while taking up the trash. I might never get off this plane.

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